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Top 3 ways to strengthen sales efforts.

If you’re one of the many people who struggle with finding the consistent rhythm for your sales capabilities you should consider what the motivating and inspiring factors are behind it all.  In many ways a lack of motivation, inspiration or education can greatly affect the end result of what you’re doing. Establishing a few key building blocks of your sales understanding can improve your organization and create better lanes to success.

Here are the Top 3 things you should consider when wondering how to improve your sales process:

  1. Inspiration-

Inspiration is that tool that turns on the light in a salesman’s mind that gives birth to the “I can do this” mentality. When you are looking for inspiration you can discover it almost anywhere with the right mindset. Even the biggest failed attempts can provide helpful insights to apply later. Your biggest challenge or even competitor can often be a source of inspiration to creates ideas and motivation to help you reach your goal. Consider this,  who currently inspires you to be better at what you do? Over time you should close the gap between you and your inspiration while re-establishing new inspiration to draw ideas and motivation from.

2. Motivation-

Motivation is that tool that once implanted in the heart is much like the “air stem” on a tire; it is there to help pump up through the desire to read of good books, to listen to good positive recordings and the desire towards self-improvement. Much like inspiration, motivation can be created from the sources you seek out but once you stop seeking out new sources of inspiration often time this is when a lack of motivation starts to occur. Losing motivation is massively detrimental to any efforts and should be avoided by continually educating yourself in ways that you can be passionate about. Sales is more than just getting a “Yes” answer.

Reaching your goals is the same as helping others achieve THEIR goals. It’s about helping people find their own inspiration and motivation from what you do and as a bi-product you will create better networks and processes.

3. Education-

Education is the “how to” of profession. Inspiration and Motivation are short lived if there are not concrete steps to developing and accomplishing daily habits and tasks. Once you have a solid idea and feel motivated to see it thru to success you must always grow your education continually.

By constantly educating yourself you can at the same time seek out what also provides you with inspiration and motivation. Most failures are the result of a lack of education which creates a lack of passion. The more you learn the more you discover what you’re passionate about and what’s usable to push you closer to your goal.Have a question? Email or call Author Speaker info@jwneal.com to schedule free consultation.  

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