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Hi, J.W. Neal Here . . .

J.W. Neal and his wife Patti

J. W. (Jim) Neal is a lifelong learner of Human Achievement. What began as a desire to be the best basketball player possible led to a life of sales, sales management and Agency building. Spending well over 35 years in the sales field experiencing, training and watching himself and others ebb and flow in the sales cycle.

Being a student of all he did, Jim consciously and at times subconsciously recorded what worked for success and what did not. Couched in those thirty-five years of commissioned sales, were over a decade serving as Pastor of rural Baptist Churches.

These years were also fertile soil that revealed the unique psyche of the human spirit. They helped Jim develop many principals of human interaction as men and women worked together in an attempt to carry out the Great Commission. The over forty years of work experience, which also included teaching/coaching at the high school level, led Jim to write his first book “Ain’t Nobody Really Happy at the Bottom…Except Catfish” (How to learn and Leverage the ABC’s of Human Achievement in your Daily Life) and its corresponding Coaching Courses. Jim’s desire with his writing, coaching and speaking is to help all who read or listen to navigate out of a mediocre lifestyle and to spiral upward out of those murky waters into the pristine waters of clarity, decision-making and significance.